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What to say:

“Who does your merchant account?”

It’s that easy to start a conversation. Then you can mention that you’ve got a business partner whose specialty is reducing merchant account fees – often by 10-25%. If the merchant is willing to accept a free quote, say you’ll have iTransact call with details. Then submit the Merchant Referral Form below and… that’s all! iTransact will do everything else!

In nearly every case, iTransact can save the merchant money. In many cases we can save them a lot of money.

What we do:

Once we receive your referral, we will contact the merchant and introduce ourselves. We want to show the merchant exactly the savings we can provide, so we will ask for copies of their recent merchant processing statement(s). We will use that information to provide a side-by-side analysis of their entire fee structure (not just their percentage “discount rate”), comparing what they’re paying now to what they’ll be paying with iTransact, along with the resulting savings.

Your reward: It’s a BV machine!

For each referral that signs up, you receive a BV reward every month for as long as you and they stay with iTransact. You get a full 40% of iTransact’s profit on each account as BV. Example: for every $100 iTransact makes, you get 40 BV!

Step 1 - Referral

Company Information

Step 2 - Your Distributor Information

By checking this box, I certify that I have spoken with the financial officer/decision maker of this business about iTransact, and that he/she is willing to receive a call from iTransact to explore changing the company’s merchant account service to iTransact.