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PROGRAM COST BREAKDOWN: Tuition: $1,950.00 Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $100.00 Testing Fees: $600.00 Hours of training: Monday- Friday 7:30am- 5pm Thank you for your interest in Classic Traffic School, LLC, we understand that selecting the right school is an extremely important decision. We are delighted that you are considering Classic Traffic School, LLC! The Admissions Teams and Instructors will serve as a resourse for you as you evaluated whether Classic Traffic School is a good fit for you. CLASSROOM POLICIES: 1. Class Participation: Only one person should be speaking at a time. Class participation is required and strongly encouraged. 2. Inappropriate Language: Cursing and swearing are not tolerated. Jokes that are at the expense of other people are not acceptable. Everyone should be treated with respect. 3. Promptness: Class will start 7:30am sharp. Coming late to class will be documented on attendance records and may affect your employment opportunities. 4. Absenteeism: The school must be notified if you will be absent. It is your responsibility to plan with the classroom instructor how to make up missed class time and missed tests. Class hours can be made up by coming in before the start of class or staying after dismissal. 5. Food and drink: There is no eating in the classroom. Drinks are allowed. (ex water bottle) Empty containers must be discarded, and the area kept clean. 6. Recruiters: Recruiters from the major roadway carriers coming to the school to offer entry level positions with their company provide valuable insight into the trucking industry. Please give the recruiters your attention and respect. 7. Electronic devices. Electronic devices, including cell phones are not allowed in the classroom, equipment or training areas. They may be used while on break in your vehicle. Range and driving policies 1. Driver's license, permit, DOT medical certificate and logbook must always be in student's possession while driving. Logbooks must be up to date. 2. No driving under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs 3. No driving while taking medication that may affect student's ability to drive safely. 4. No smoking or use of tobacco products on the range, school property or in trucks. Knifes, guns, or other weapons are not allowed on school property. 5. No cell phones are to be used in the trucks. Phones may be used on break. 6. Always obey instructor's directions. Ask if you do not understand. 7. The instructor oversees you and the vehicle. The vehicle may only be driven under the supervision of the instructor. Failure to follow directions or driving in an unsafe manner will result in termination of the driving session. 8. If you cannot make a driving session, call us as soon as possible to cancel. A driving session will not be made up if you are a "no show." Being late or leaving early is time that is not made up and affect required hours. The instructor will wait 30 minutes past the start of the driving session. If you have not called and/or cancelled your driving session this is considered a "NO SHOW". All makeup time will be on a "space available" basis. 9. Do not ask the instructor to relay the messages to the Program Director, another instructor or student. Communicate directly with the Program Director. 10. Discuss performances and improvement needs with the instructor after each driving session and initial progress report. 11. Proper clothes and shoes should be worn; sandals and open toed shoes are not permitted. Driving gloves and a flashlight are needed. No tank-tops, sleeveless shirts, or inappropriate clothing (as determined by school" may be worn. 12. Training seats are limited! If you are going to be absent or tardy you must notify the school at 239-303-4322. Please specify the nature of your emergency and when you plan to be at the school. 13. We have a break area that includes a microwave for you to stay around and eat here, or there are some local restaurants within a few minutes away. Lunch break will be 60 minutes. 14. Students who are enrolled in the 38 Hours Training Course are entitled to two attempts to pass the CDL/A. A retest date must be scheduled no later than 30 days from the initial test. Course Schedule Commercial Driver Training classes are provided for five (5) days a week except for the following holidays as indicated in the calendars: New Year's Day; Good Friday; Independence Day (4th of July); Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; and Christmas Day. Students can register for commercial truck driving instruction at any time by calling the office at 239-303-4322 and/or on campus at 3088 Evans Ave. Fort Myers, Florida 33901. Other important information School closing and delays: Classroom students will be notified by telephone if there is a delay or closing due to inclement weather, disasters, or any other unforeseen event. During a hurricane, inclement weather, natural and/or other types of disasters, students are encouraged to check frequently for updated information on school delays, school closings, and school cancellations in Florida as well as other emergencies related to Fort Myers and the surrounding Lee County FL area. Information will be posted on the school's website and may be available on local news stations, if warranted. ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!

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