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Traditional Storefront

Process credit cards with a traditional storefrontIf your business has walk-in customers, let iTransact save you money on your existing merchant account or get you started with a new one.

If you have a compliant terminal that you know and love, there’s no need to change it. We’ll set it up to work with your iTransact merchant account. If you’d like a machine with newer technology, however, we have a wide variety of equipment options available at prices that won’t break the bank.


If your business exists online, either exclusively or to complement your storefront business, iTransact can also provide you with an Internet-approved merchant account. We also offer our proprietary iTransact payment gateway, which integrates with countless website and shopping cart solutions. And since we built the payment gateway ourselves rather than outsourcing that service to a separate vendor, we can cut your gateway costs as well.

Mail & Phone Order

Do you take payment by telephone? By mail? If so, we’ve got your merchant account solution for that too. The iTransact payment gateway includes a Virtual Terminal, which allows you to key in credit card numbers received by mail and telephone. If you’d rather enter payment information into a traditional card terminal - either a new or existing machine - we can help you with that as well.


Process credit cards with a traditional storefrontGot a smart phone? Turn it into a mobile card terminal, and accept payments anywhere, anytime! Whether you prefer Apple or Android, there is an iTransact app that will allow you to process credit cards on the go. It all connects through the iTransact payment gateway and your low-cost iTransact merchant account.

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Progressive Media Group

iTransact and Progressive Media Group have partnered to bring you the best in Merchant processing.

Better Rates

If you are currently processing cards, take advantage of our free, no-obligation rate review. We can save most merchants 10-25%. If you want to start taking cards, let us give you the best pricing in the industry.

Better Service

iTransact allows Internet, mobile, and bricks-and-mortar businesses of any size to accept credit, debit, and gift cards and/or electronic checks. We process merchants' transactions on the planet's largest payment processing networks, utilizing such processors as First Data, Vantiv, Global, Paymentech, and Vital.

Better Support

Despite our global-level service, iTransact offers hometown-style support. No matter your merchant account question, simply call iTransact, and you'll receive friendly assistance from our 100% US-based support team.